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Cool wind that blows from land to sea at night.
a) Land Breeze b) Sea Breeze c) Mountain Breeze d) Valley Breeze
Cool wind blows from sea to and during the day
a) Land Breeze b) Sea Breeze c) Mountain Breeze d) Valley Breeze
The effect the Earth's rotation has on winds causing them to curve from poles to equator.
a) Air Pressure b) Trade winds c) Coriolis Effect d) Westerlies
Strong, narrow band of wind that's found in the upper troposphere. Blows west to east.
a) Global Wind b) Trade wind c) Westerlies d) Jet streams
Two types of Jet Streams are...
a) Polar Jet Stream and Tropical Jet Stream b) Westerlies and Easterlies c) Polar Jet Streams and Subtropical Jet Streams d) Northern and Southern Hemisphere
Early explorers would use these winds to travel east to west to bring goods to other countries, hence their name.
a) Westerlies b) Easterlies c) Trade Winds d) Jet Streams
Air molecules tend to move from _________ pressure to _________ pressure.
a) Low to High b) High to Low c) Sinks to Rises d) Disperses to nothing
Warm air __________ while cool air _____________.
a) Sinks, rises b) Sinks, disperses c) Rises, sinks d) changes, stays the same
The amount of air molecules in one place.
a) Air Pressure b) Wind c) Coriolis Effect d) Trade Winds
Calm regions found at 30 degrees north and south latitudes.
a) Doldrums b) Horse Latitudes c) Jet Streams d) Trade winds
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