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Nonfiction is writing that is ____________.
a) True b) Made up/ Fake c) d)
Fiction is writing that is
a) True b) Made up/ Fake c) d)
A nonfiction book about a REAL PERSON'S LIFE that is WRITTEN BY THAT PERSON
a) informational b) biography c) autobiography d)
a nonfiction book that gives facts about different topics
a) autobiography b) mystery c) informational d)
a ficton book that is written to make you laugh
a) mystery b) humor c) realistic fiction d)
a made up story that might include real people, events and places in history
a) fantasy b) historical fiction c) science fiction d)
a story that includes magic and talking animals
a) realistic fiction b) fantasy c) mystery d)
a fiction book that includes science, technology, outer space or the future
a) historical fiction b) realistic fiction c) science fiction d)
a fiction book with made up events but that could happen in modern times
a) realistic fiction b) mystery c) fantasy d)
a fiction genre that includes tall tales, legends or myths
a) traditional b) historical fiction c) mystery d)
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