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A mineral is classified as an ore as long as
a) it is useful and profitable b) pretty c) rare and valuable d) solid and natural
Which one is not a mineral
a) salt b) sugar c) talc d) gold
The most common rock-forming mineral
a) oxides b) sillisides c) silicates d) oxygens
One of the softest minerals
a) amethyst b) quartz c) diamond d) graphite
Titanium is
a) light and durable b) rare and beautiful c) beautiful and durable d) light and rare
The qualities that make a mineral a gemstone
a) ilmenite and rutile b) light and durable c) beautiful and rare d) easy to find
Which one is NOT a characteristic of a mineral
a) Natural b) Inorganic c) Solid d) Liquid
Which is NOT useful in identifying a mineral
a) how it breaks b) color c) beauty d) how it reflects light
The property of a mineral that shows how it reflects light
a) cleavage b) fracture c) luster d) hardness
The property of a mineral that causes it to break in smooth, flat planes
a) cleavage b) fracture c) hardness d) Streak
The property of a mineral that causes it to break with rough or jagged edges
a) hardness b) streak c) cleavage d) fracture
The Mohs scale measures the ____________of a mineral
a) crystal b) streak c) hardness d) cleavage
A solid with a repeating arrangement of atoms
a) crystal b) fracture c) cleavage d) luster
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