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Who made the decisions in the Iroquois League
a) Great Council b) c) d)
Which of the following was NOT one way people of the Eastern Woodlands used forest rources? A) food, B) clothing, C) electricity, D) water
a) electricity b) c) d)
In addition to meat, what did animals provide to the people of the Eastern Woodlands?
a) skins and furs for clothing b) c) d)
Why did Iroquois hunters speak to and thank the deer they killed?
a) The Iroquois felt a connection to nature. b) c) d)
Which of the following is an Iroquois custom that is still practiced today? A) the Great Council, B) living in longhouses, C) using animal skins as a primary food source
a) the Great Council b) c) d)
How did the Plains people live?
a) by farming and hunting b) c) d)
What is one way horses affected the lifestyle of the Cheyenne?
a) Hunting bufflo was easier b) c) d)
Which animal was important to the people of the Plains for meat, clothing, blankets, and utensils?
a) buffalo b) c) d)
How important were horses to the Cheyenne?
a) Wealth was measured in horses, not dollars b) c) d)
Which Great Plains state is home to many Cheyenne today?
a) Montana b) c) d)
Which of the following describes the environment of the Southwest Desert cultural region? A) rainforest, B) known for constant, C) mostly hot and arid, D) freezing temperture
a) mostly hot and arid b) c) d)
why did the Hopi build their villages on the tops of mesas?
a) for protection b) c) d)
Which ceremony honored the kachinas and asked for their help?
a) the Hopi dance b) c) d)
Which of the following BEST describes the Hopi today?
a) They blend old and new ways of living. b) c) d)
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