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The contributions of the ancient civilizations of Ghana, Songhai, and Mali demonstrate that
a) industrial technology was needed for African civilizations to develop b) societies in Africa developed that were larger and more advanced than some kingdoms in Europe c) most of the African Continent was unified under a single political system d) many African civilizations developed in southern Africa
The African city of Timbuktu was a center for
a) military power b) trade and learning c) religious architecture d) Hinduism
How did the prosperity resulting from the gold salt trade affect West African empires during the 1300s?
a) The influence of foreign merchants declined. b) Islamic centers of learning emerged. c) The demand for European goods increased. d) Regional rulers’ political authority decreased.
Which factor explains why Islam entered West Africa?
a) Ibn Battuta’s travels b) Muhammad’s travels c) trade routes d) access to fresh water supplies
Which religion spread into the West African kingdoms of Ghana, Mali, and Songhai?
a) Hinduism b) Christianity c) Islam d) Buddhism
Which was an effect of Mansa Musa’s pilgrimage to Mecca?
a) Trade between West Africa and Arabia fell. b) Muslim scholars were brought back to Mali. c) Mecca gained technological advancements from Mali d) The Empire of Mali conquered Egypt.
Mansa Musa commissioned great mosques to be built in Timbuktu and scholarship flourished and learning centers developed at Timbuktu resulting in what in Mali?
a) a period of political chaos b) a decade of colonial unrest c) a golden age d) a time of extreme poverty
Mali was an important
a) trade center b) farming region c) military outpost d) government outpost
Who spread Islam, took a journey to Mecca, brought back Muslim scholars, and allowed other religions
a) Sundiata Keita b) Askia Muhammad c) Ibn Battuta d) Mansa Musa
What group of people helped to keep traditions alive in early West African societies by communicating with the gods and using oral storytelling to pass down life lessons?
a) warriors b) griots c) sultans d) chiefs
Ghana had: a well trained army, central location for trade, iron for weapons, and ?
a) made Christianity the state religion b) developed a new written language c) sent merchants out across the Atlantic Ocean d) controlled the gold and salt trade
How did kingdoms develop in West Africa?
a) Rulers of small villages joined their wealth to each other. b) Kings demanded protection from other kings and their armies. c) Rulers of wealthy cities used their armies to conquer other cities. d) Kings had loyal followers because of their kind treatment of conquered peoples.
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