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refined in manner or style
a) urbane b) alienate c) culinary d) redress
an ingenious device or clever trick
a) adversary b) artifice c) precedent d) sojourn
inflicting in punishment
a) craven b) fallow c) punitive d) inclement
to disturb or trouble repeatedly
a) coerce b) harass c) sojourn d) redress
extremely unimportant
a) punitive b) fallow c) liquidate d) negligible
a) demise b) adversary c) artifice d) craven
a termination of something
a) demise b) sojourn c) fallow d) culinary
to make hostile
a) liquidate b) alienate c) demise d) harass
an example that may serve as pieces for later action
a) precedent b) adversary c) demise d) artifice
to stay for a long time
a) harass b) coerce c) perpetuate d) sojourn
to think about in a dreamy or thoughtful way
a) cooerce b) muse c) alienate d) harass
a) craven b) negligible c) culinary d) fallow
to eliminate
a) coerce b) liquidate c) perpetuate d) inclement
enemy; opponent
a) demise b) precedent c) adversary d) artifice
to compel or force
a) coerce b) harass c) alienate d) exhilarate
referring to cooking
a) fallow b) craven c) inclement d) culinary
to give spirit or liveliness to
a) muse b) exhilarate c) liquidate d) coerce
stormy or harsh in attitude
a) inclement b) fallow c) craven d) negligible
to make permanent or long-lasting
a) artifice b) redress c) perpetuate d) precedent
to set right or remedy
a) exhilarate b) redress c) muse d) harass
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