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capable of being touched or felt
a) tangible b) disarming c) droll d) imperative
the object of a hunt; prey
a) cossack b) quarry c) amenity d) scruple
removing or overcoming suspicion; inspiring confidence
a) uncanny b) cultivated c) disarming d) imperative
refined or cultured in manner
a) solicitously b) zealous c) uncanny d) cultivated
a member of the Russian calvarymen
a) cossack b) amenity c) quarry d) cosmopolite
something that adds to one's comfort or convenience
a) scruple b) amenity c) cosmopolite d) cossack
a sophisticated person who can handle any situation well
a) zealous b) droll c) scruple d) cosmopolite
to forgive or overlook
a) solicitously b) condone c) cosmopolite d) uncanny
amusingly odd or comical
a) droll b) zealous c) uncanny d) disarming
a feeling of uneasiness that keeps a person from doing something
a) quarry b) tangible c) scruple d) imperative
in a manner of expressing care or concern
a) condone b) amenity c) cossack d) solicitously
absolutely necessary
a) cultivated b) imperative c) droll d) uncanny
intensely enthusiastic
a) zealous b) uncanny c) droll d) cultivated
so remarkable as to seem supernatural
a) uncanny b) droll c) zealous d) disarming
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