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In what book are the Hebrew creation stories found?
a) Revelation b) Genesis c) Ruth d) Acts of the Apostles
From what did God make all creation?
a) Mud b) Brick c) His flesh d) A formless wasteland
Bible stories are...
a) religious truths. b) just for fun. c) scientifically true. d) not important.
Creation stories are...
a) religious truths. b) just for fun. c) scientifically true. d) not important.
What depends on God?
a) nothing b) no one c) everyone and everything d)
While the earth is for us to enjoy, what must we do?
a) Destroy it b) Use it up c) Share it d) Forget about it
According to the Book of Gensis, how long did it take God to create the earth?
a) Four days b) Five days c) Six Days d) Seven days
Even though women were created after men, they are...
a) more important than men. b) less important than men. c) equally important to men. d)
Which characteristic did God give us to make us in His image?
a) Omnipotence b) Wisdom c) Holiness d) Free Will
What other characteristic makes us like God?
a) Intellect b) Righteousness c) Simplicity d) Veracity
What are we called to be stewards of?
a) Each other b) The Earth c) God d) Man
When we choose products to use, it is important to choose ones that...
a) are gluten free. b) are cheap. c) smell good. d) don't harm the earth.
When we use earths resources, we should...
a) replace them. b) use them however we want. c) waste them. d) we shouldn't take resources from earth.
God want us to ______ the gifts he gave us in creative ways.
a) waste b) admit c) measure d) use
What two things does the Church want us to promote?
a) Courage and bravery b) Peace and justice c) Truth and honesty d) Creativity and independence
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