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a mount for holding a telescope in which the tube is attached to a shaft pointing to the celestial pole
a) equatorial b) altazimuth c) quadrant d) radio
the distortion of color around an image, common in refractor telescopes
a) chromatic aberration b) resolution c) composite d) honeycomb
a mount for holding a telescope that is easily adjusted for altitude and azimuth
a) altazimuth b) equatorial c) gnomon d) refractor
a device used by astronomers to determine the time of day and time of year from shadows cast in sunlight
a) gnomon b) meniscus c) radio d) honeycomb
a telescope mirror molded over an open-celled structure to reduce the mirror’s weight
a) honeycomb b) refractor c) composite d) meniscus
an extremely thin telescope mirror
a) meniscus b) composite c) radio d) segmented
an instrument used to locate a star’s position by measuring the angle the star makes with the horizon
a) quadrant b) altazimuth c) equatorial d) gnomon
a telescope made of a receiver and antenna that focuses, amplifies, and analyzes radio frequency waves from space
a) radio b) composite c) meniscus d) refractor
a telescope that uses a concave mirror to bring the light from an object to a focal point
a) reflector b) refractor c) gnomon d) equatorial
a telescope that uses a lens to bring the light from an object to a focal point and then magnifies the light with an eyepiece lens
a) refractor b) reflector c) meniscus d) honeycomb
the ability to see detail in an image
a) resolution b) chromatic aberration c) gnomon d) quadrant
a telescope mirror that consists of several smaller mirrors that fit together
a) segmented b) refractor c) meniscus d) altazimuth
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