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The act of anticipating: looking forward to: expectation
a) anticipation b) convergence c) depart d) heaves
One of the seven great landmasses on Earth.
a) icebergs b) convergence c) continent d) heaves
The act or process of meeting at a point.
a) anticipation b) convergence c) forbidding d) heaves
To go away: leave
a) forbidding b) continent c) icebergs d) depart
Causing fear or dislike: looking dangerous or unpleasant.
a) forbidding b) heaves c) divergent d) continent
Rises: rises and falls alternately.
a) continent b) heaves c) simile d) synonym
Large masses of ice detached from glaciers and floating in the sea.
a) depart b) antonym c) continent d) icebergs
A word that can be used as a replacement for a word: it means the same thing.
a) idiom b) antonym c) synonym d) heaves
A word that means the opposite of the word being used.
a) antonym b) synonym c) simile d) metaphor
A words or phrase that does not mean what it says: It is not to be taken literally
a) personification b) idiom c) onomatopeoia d) metaphor
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