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Someone who studies the meaning and purpose of human life.
a) philosopher b) Ms. Harris c) advocate d) dictatorship
Someone who publicly works in support of a cause.
a) philosopher b) advocate c) dictorship d) distinguished
Marked by excellence
a) poignant b) Nobel Prize c) achievements d) distinguished
Things completed with great effort or skills
a) podium b) recognition c) liberated d) achievements
A place or structure from which to address a group.
a) Ms. Harris's classroom b) podium c) oppressed d) bigotry
Form of government in which a ruler has total control
a) dictatorship b) liberated c) tortured d) achievements
Favorable attention or notice
a) achievements b) recognition c) liberated d) poignant
a) oppressed b) tortured c) liberated d) bigotry
Treated cruelly and unjustly by a force or an authority
a) tortured b) bigotry c) oppressed d) distinguished
Extreme prejudice or narrow-mindedness
a) advocate b) tortured c) distinguished d) bigotry
Caused to suffer extreme physical or mental pain
a) poignant b) philosopher c) tortured d) homework
Makes one feel sad or thoughtful
a) poignant b) Nobel Prize c) philosopher d) advocate
Any of various annual prizes established by Alfred Nobel for persons who work for humanity
a) achievements b) recognition c) poignant d) Nobel Prize
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