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What is the main character's name?
a) Bradley Chalkers b) Lucy c) Edmund d) Charlie Bucket
Which word means soft and smooth?
a) creamy b) proper c) stammered d) nibble
Gradually means...
a) appropriate b) slowly; in steps c) soft and smooth d) faucet
Stammered means...
a) to speak with a stutter b) wrinkled c) take small bites of d) slowly; in steps
Which word means faucets?
a) nibble b) creamy c) taps d) extraordinary
Which word means appropriate?
a) creamy b) enormous c) taps d) proper
What word means remarkable; unusual?
a) extraordinary b) taps c) stammered d) proper
Shriveled means...
a) remarkable; unusual b) to speak with stutter c) wrinkled d) slowly; in steps
Nibble means...
a) appropriate b) to take small bites of c) faucet d) wrinkled
What word means very large in size?
a) enormous b) creamy c) extraordinary d) gradually
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