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My favorite __________ fashion trend are joggers.
a) commodity b) outcome c) consume d) contemporary
My _____________ about religion is different than my friend's, because she is Catholic.
a) perspective b) outcome c) attain d) contemporary
The ____________ of studying is that I will get all A's and B's this quarter.
a) philosophy b) outcome c) persepective d) commodity
There are many factories in China which cause air ______________.
a) outcome b) contemporary c) prosper d) pollution
I play soccer every day after school, so it __________ a lot of my time.
a) attains b) consumes c) perspective d) decade
A popular ____________ in the United States is the iPhone.
a) commodity b) contemporary c) philosophy d) pollution
I want to be a nurse and _____________ at my job, so then I can buy a house and car.
a) contemporary b) consume c) attain d) prosper
My personal ___________ is: be kind to everyone you meet.
a) outcome b) attain c) philosophy d) decade
It took a _______________ for the tree in my front yard to grow taller than my house.
a) philosophy b) decade c) consume d) pollution
I can _________ my high school diploma by studying and never skipping class.
a) attain b) consume c) prosper d) pollution
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