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Which bank launched India’s first full-fledged digital banking service for small-and medium enterprises?
a) HDFC Bank b) Corporate Bank c) Axis Bank d) Punjab National Bank
Name the location where Amazon has inaugurated is India’s biggest fulfillment center?
a) Bengaluru b) Delhi c) Haryana d) Punjab
Which mobile technology giant is planning to collaborate with Cisco to provide better calling experience over Internet to its customers?
a) Samsung b) Iphone c) Microsoft Lumia d) Motorola
Which Online furniture and home decor company has launched its first experience store in Hyderabad?
a) b) Housefull c) urbanladder d)
Which fast food chain has tied up with Blink Digital to launch 'watt a box' meal?
a) KFC b) Dominos Pizza c) Burger King d) Mc Donalds
Which mobile operator has tied up with Amazon to acquire 'hesitant' customers from the market?
a) Airtel b) Idea c) Vodafone d) Reliance
In which Indian state Swedish fashion retail giant HM will name a debut?
a) Bengaluru b) Chennai c) Mumbai d) Punjab
How much budget will be spent by Patanjali Ayurveda Limited on the research work of Yoga in India?
a) Rs. 20,000 crore b) Rs. 5,000 crore c) Rs. 8,000 crore d) Rs. 10,000 crore
What is the name of the Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) platform to be launched by HRD ministry on August 15?
a) Swayam-Shiksha b) Khud-Se c) Swayam d) Hum
Which automobile company has given VRS to its 250 employees on the account of restructuring it two-wheeler business?
a) Mahindra b) Vespa c) Hero d) TVS
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