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Which state of matter keeps its own shape?
a) Solid b) Liquid c) Gas d) Idk
Which state of matter has very loose particles that float?
a) Solid b) Liquid c) Gas d) Ice
What is the boiling temperature of water?
a) 100 degrees Celsius b) Zero degrees Celsius c) 32 degrees Celsius d) 10 degrees Celsius
What is the freezing and melting point of water?
a) 32 degrees Celsius b) 100 degrees Celsius c) 0 degrees Celsius d) 5 degrees Celsius
Which of the following is soluble in water?
a) Salt b) Pepper c) Oil d) Corn syrup
Which of the following is not less dense than water?
a) Honey b) Alcohol c) Foam d) Rubbing alcohol
If an item is less dense that water it will...
a) Float b) Sink c) Fly d) Swim
If an item is more dense than water it will
a) Sink b) Float c) Fly d) Swim
Which of the following is NOT A solution?
a) Salt water from the ocean b) Lemonade c) Kool Aid d) Trail mix
Which of the following is not a mixture?
a) Salt water b) Trail mix c) Lemonade d) all solutions are mixtures. All mixtures contain two or more substances.
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