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You cannot see through this. No light passes through.
a) Evanescent b) Opuletn c) Opaque d) Bedraggled
Fleeting; temporary; not lasting; here today, gone tomorrow...
a) effervescent b) evanescent c) morbid d) ornate
He 'passed away'….go flush the 'john'…the politician is 'pro-choice'… These terms are all
a) Euphemisms b) Contradictions c) Diatribes d) Bedraggled
Wet, limp, messy
a) munificent b) exemplary c) evanescent d) bedraggled
It would be necessary for you and it would be helpful for you, therefore, it would _______________________you
a) exacerbate b) euphemize c) bedraggle d) behoove
The lobby of most 5-star hotels have this kind of look:
a) opaque b) evanescent c) opulent d) bedraggled
His parents were proud of his______________________conduct and his promotion to Eagle Scout
a) evanescent b) exemplary c) bedraggled d) opulent
Don't make it worse. Don't ______________________an already problematic situation.
a) maim b) squabble c) exacerbate d) sequester
Lots of Christmas decorations are nice, but his house was so___________________you could hardly stand to look at it because you were afraid just looking would break something
a) ornate b) opaque c) bedraggled d) evanescent
They will have to _______________________the jury, so that no one can talk to them until the trial is over.
a) exacerbate b) sequester c) behoove d) maim
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