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Hemopoiesis occurs in the:
a) red bone marrow. b) yellow bone marrow c) Haversian canal d) Diaphysis
Bones grow in length by the actions of the:
a) Volkman’s canal b) osteoclasts c) medullary cavity d) epiphyseal plate
These cells secrete collagen and build bone
a) Osteoclasts b) Osteoblasts c) Osteocytes d) Osteogenic
Bones grow in thickness by appositional growth.
a) True b) False c) d)
How many bones make up the skeleton?
a) 6 b) 80 c) 126 d) 206
This lines the outside of bones.
a) Endosteum b) Periosteum c) Medullary cavity d) Lacunae
These bones are somewhat cube-shaped
This is the shaft of a long bone and makes up most of its length.
a) Diaphysis b) Volkman’s canal c) Epiphysis d) Metaphysis
In embryos, the skeleton is primarily made of ______________, but in the adult, most of the
a) elastic cartilage; osteoblasts b) dense connective tissue; hyaline cartilage c) bone; fibrocartilage d) hyaline cartilage; bone
The medullary cavity in a bone contains:
a) stored mineral salts. b) yellow bone marrow. c) hyaline cartilage. d) red bone marrow.
In the Haversian system, what tiny canal connects central canals to lacunae in compact bone?
a) lamella b) perforating canal c) Haversian canal d) canaliculus
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