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A time when people made many new discoveries about the world (like gravity)
a) Authority b) House Arrest c) Scientific Revolution d)
People who are in charge.
a) Authority b) Astronomy c) Science d)
Paying money to get into Heaven.
a) Divorce b) Indulgences c) Printing Press d)
Martin Luther wrote a list of complaints called
a) Anatomy b) Romeo and Juliet c) 95 Theses d)
Famous writer who wrote Romeo and Juliet
a) Galileo b) William Shakespeare c) Martin Luther d)
Invention that made copies of the Bible and other books.
a) Humanists b) Telescope c) Printing Press d)
People who wanted to learn more about life on Earth and human problems.
a) Printing Press b) Architecture c) Humanists d)
Studying the human body.
a) Renaissance b) Anatomy c) Scholar d)
A time of great change when art and science advanced.
a) Anatomy b) Renaissance c) Scholar d)
Being forced to stay in your house.
a) Scientific Method b) Hypothesis c) House Arrest d)
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