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Which type of font would be used to created headlines on flyers and advertisements or symbols in a logo?
a) Ornamental b) Script c) Serif d) Sans Serif
Letters that take up space relative to their size are referred to as?
a) Font style b) Typeface c) Monospace d) Proportional
The slant and weight of a character, such as bold or italic.
a) Font Style b) Typeface c) Monospace d) Proportional
Horizontal spacing between pairs of letters is referred to as?
a) Leading b) Line space c) Kerning d) Tracking
Vertical spacing between of lines of text is called?
a) Monospace b) Leading c) Kerning d) Tracking
A group of similarly formatted typefaces are also called?
a) Font Family b) Font Style c) Font Symbols d) Font Characteristics
A group of similarly formatted characters such as Serif, Sans Serif, Decorative and Script is called?
a) Font Style b) Font Setting c) Font Facts d) Font Family
Which term refers to letters that share an equal amount of space, no matter their size
a) Conflict b) Contrast c) Monospace d) Proportional
Which font is from a French word meaning without, so the characters do not have attributes?
a) Sans Serifs b) Scripts c) Serif d) Ornamental
What are letters that do not have attributes on the tips called?
a) San Serifs b) Scripts c) Designers d) Ornamental
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