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greens plants that grow on fences
a) thump b) false c) vines d) holler
trees or bushes that have grown over things
a) overgrown b) thump c) moss d) fleas
the same, to look alike
a) whisper b) fleas c) shave d) identical
a tiny bug that lives on animals and bites them
a) fleas b) identical c) holler d) shave
to yell
a) hollar b) shave c) identical d) fleas
to use a razor and remove all hair
a) fleas b) shave c) holler d) whisper
to talk quietly so no one else can hear
a) whisper b) shave c) fleas d) holler
a green plant on trees and rocks
a) moss b) thump c) false d) holler
to hit
a) false b) thump c) vines d) moss
not true
a) overgrown b) vines c) thump d) false
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