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What word means refusing to obey?
a) Defiant b) Assimilate c) Transgression d) Apprehensive
What word means anxious or alarmed for the future?
a) Submissive b) Assimilate c) Perceive d) Apprehensive
The boy was _____________________ to the teacher when he followed the principal's directions
a) Subversive b) Submissive c) Transgression d) Apprehensive
What does Assimilate mean?
a) To blend in, integrate into a system b) To break a law or norm c) passive, meek, or obedient d) something done a particular way each time
Which word means to bitterly regret or wish undone?
a) Subversive b) Assuage c) Rue d) Submissive
The teacher _________________ the boy was unhappy by the look on his face
a) Subversive b) Assimilated c) Chastised d) Perceived
Which word means intending to overthrow an established system?
a) Subversive b) Submissive c) Emblem d) Ritual
Lebron's pregame ______________________ includes throwing chalk into the air.
a) Emblem b) Ritual c) Assuage d) Transgression
Which sentence uses the word transgression properly?
a) He was transgression when he ran a red light b) He is a transgression because he ran a red light c) He committed a transgression when he ran a red light d) He will be a transgression when he runs the red light
The American flag is an ___________________________ of freedom
a) Assimilate b) Subversive c) Assuage d) Emblem
Which word means to soothe or comfort?
a) Assuage b) Submissive c) Emblem d) Rue
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