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to use logical reasoning to explain events and draw conclusions
a) inference b) conclusion c) observation d) hypothesis
using your senses to learn about objects and events
a) infernces b) analysis c) observations d) conclusion
State the problem, this can be in the form of a question.
a) research b) purpose c) analysis d) conclusion
Describe what happened and compare the results to your hypothesis.
a) hypothesis b) experiment c) analysis d) conclusion
Find out about the topic using books and /or the Internet.
a) research b) hypothesis c) experiment d) purpose
Record the results of your experiment and look for trends.
a) conclusion b) hypothesis c) analysis d) purpose
Predict the answer to the problem (written as and If...then... statement)
a) research b) hypothesis c) conclusion d) purpose
Develop a procedure to test your hypothesis.
a) analysis b) research c) hypothesis d) experiment
If we play music for the plant, then it will grow taller; is an example of a/an ...
a) experiment b) analysis c) hypothesis d) conclusion
The sidewalk is wet is an example of an...
a) observation b) inference c) analysis d) experiment
It must have rained because the sidewalk is wet is an example of an
a) observation b) analysis c) experiment d) inference
When you use one of your senses to learn things, you are making a/an...
a) analysis b) inference c) hypothesis d) observation
The leaves on the tree are falling off. Which of the following could be an inference you make?
a) It is fall. b) It has been very dry. c) It is extremely windy. d) Any of the above.
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