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a row on the periodic table
a) period b) group c) atomic number d) category
a column on the periodic table
a) group b) period c) category d) atomic number
a chart of the elements arranged into rows and columns accord to their physical and chemical properties
a) periodic table b) atomic number c) electron d) group
the amount of matter within a given space; mass/volume
a) density b) condensation c) kinetic energy d) vaporization
the change in state from a liquid to a gas
a) vaporization b) deposition c) sublimation d) condensation
the process of changing directly from a solid to a gas
a) sublimation b) condensation c) evaporation d) vaporization
the process of a liquid changing to a gas at the surface of a liquid
a) evaporization b) vaporization c) deposition d) condensation
the change of state from a gas to a liquid
a) condensation b) deposition c) evaporation d) vaporization
the process of changing directly from a gas to a solid
a) deposition b) evaporization c) vaporization d) condensation
an element that is generally shiny, is easily pulled into wires or hammered into sheets, and is a good conductor of electrical and thermal energy
a) metal b) gas c) solid d) liquid
the number of protons in the nucleus of an atom
a) atomic number b) neutrons c) isotope d) electron cloud
negatively charged particle that occupies the space in an atom outside the nucleus
a) electron b) proton c) neutron d) isotope
atom that has a charge because it has gained or lost electrons
a) ion b) isotope c) neutron d) atomic number
one of two or more atoms of an element having the same number of protons, but different numbers of neutrons
a) isotope b) ion c) electron d) proton
uncharged (neutral) particle in the nucleus of an atom
a) neutron b) electron c) proton d) ion
positively charged particle in the nucleus of an atom
a) proton b) neutron c) electron d) isotope
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