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The name for God Saves:
a) Joseph b) Jesus c) Judah d) Jeremiah
The virtue by which a person loves God above all and loves others for God's sake:
a) Charity b) Justice c) Fortitude d) Courage
One who is in the second stage of RCIA:
a) Deacon b) Catechumen c) Bishop d) Lay member
From the Greek word meaning anointed:
a) Jesus b) Elijah c) Christ d) Isaac
True sorrow which has the intention to not sin again:
a) penance b) worry c) guilt d) Contrition
The Hebrew word for Christ
a) Messiah b) Judah c) Jesus d) Joseph
Which of the following is NOT a Cardinal Virtue?
a) Prudence b) Justice c) Temperance d) Humility
The sacrament strengthened by Confirmation:
a) Eucharist b) Baptism c) Penance d) Matrimony
A successor of the apostles:
a) Bishop b) Deacon c) Member of the Laity d) Pastor
The language jesus spoke:
a) Greek b) Italian c) Aramaic d) Jordanian
The first disciple:
a) Joseph b) Mary c) Luke d) Noah
Another name for the Book of Revelation
a) Genesis b) Matthew c) Apocalypse d) Proverbs
One who is sent:
a) Disciple b) Priest c) Minister d) Apostle
One who listens and follows:
a) Minister b) Deacon c) Disciple d) Apostle
Book of the New Testament which describes how the Good News was spread to the nations
a) Acts of the Apostles b) Exodus c) Gospel of John d) Revelation
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