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a type of igneous rock
a) coal b) obsidian c) slate d) limestone
a rock that forms from decayed plant matter
a) coal b) obsidians c) slate d) limestone
a type of metamorphic rock
a) coal b) obsidian c) slate d) limestone
a type of sedimentary rock
a) coal b) obsidian c) slate d) limestone
_________ is the way that a mineral reflects light.
a) Color b) Cleavage c) Streak d) Luster
The ability of a mineral to resist scratching is called _________.
a) streak b) luster c) hardness d) cleavage
A hard natural substance made of one or more minerals is called ________.
a) soil b) a rock c) gemstone d) a vein
The thin, outer layer of the earth is called the _______.
a) crust b) mantle c) soil d) core
The ________ is the center of the earth.
a) core b) soil c) mantle d) crust
The ______ makes up most of earth's mass and is made of hot melted rock.
a) crust b) mantle c) core d) soil
An inorganic substance found naturally in the earth is called ____.
a) a vein b) a rock c) soil d) a mineral
If a substance is ________, it is made of things that were never alive.
a) organic b) synthetic c) inorganic d) luster
________ is the characteristic of a mineral to break along smooth, straight lines or into flat sheets.
a) Fracture b) Streak c) Cleavage d) Color
The color of the mark made when a mineral sample is scratched on a harder surface is the ______ of the mineral.
a) fracture b) cleavage c) color d) streak
the loose material on the surface of the earth
a) coal b) obsidian c) soil d) limestone
The Mohs scale is used to determine the hardness of ______________.
a) metals b) minerals c) metamorphic rock d) sedimentary rock
_______ are sometimes combined to increase their strength.
a) Metals b) Gemstones c) Minerals d) Igneous rocks
A mineral that can be cut and polished for use is called a __________.
a) metal b) mineral c) gemstone d) sedimentary rock
_____________ is formed by heat and pressure deep below the earth's crust.
a) Sedimentary rock b) Igneous rock c) Metamorphic rock d) Metal
_________________ is formed from volcanic magma or lava.
a) Sedimentary rock b) Igneous rock c) Metamorphic rock d) Metal
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