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The ability to make something move is...?
a) Force b) Work c) Energy d) Power
When a person is about to run this is....?
a) Potential energy b) Kinetic energy c) Light energy d) Elastic energy
A potential energy due to its position is...?
a) Force b) Elastic potential energy c) Chemical potential energy d) Gravitational potential energy
What do food and petroleum have in common?
a) Both are types of kinetic energies b) Both are types of chemical potential energies c) Both are types of gravitational potential energies d) Both are types of sound energies
The rubbing your feet along a wool carpet transforms the energies from...?
a) Potential energy to light energy b) Kinetic energy to potential energy c) Mechanical (Kinetic) to electrical energy d) Elastic energy to electrical energy
An energy something has due to being bent, twisted or stretched is ...?
a) Elastic potential energy b) Gravitational energy c) Chemical energy d) Electrical energy
The energy generated by the movement of atoms is ...?
a) Chemical energy b) Thermal energy c) Potential energy d) Gravitational energy
Energy carried by electromagnetic waves are ...?
a) Sound energies b) Chemical energies c) Elastic potential energies d) Light energies
An energy that creates a longitudinal wave and needs a medium to travel through is..?
a) Sound energy b) Electrical energy c) Light energy d) Potential energy
An energy that is produced by moving electrons is....?
a) Thermal energy b) Chemical energy c) Electrical energy d) Elastic energy
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