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Most Persians are _________
a) Sunni Muslim b) Shia Muslim c) Christians d) Jews
Overall, most Arabs are ________
a) Jews b) Christians c) Shia Muslims d) Sunni Muslims
What was new about the Jewish faith (Judaism)?
a) belief in life after death b) they didn't believe in a god c) worshipped 1 single god d) sacrificed humans in religious ceremonies
Which is NOT one of Islam's 5 Pillars?
a) believes Jesus is the Messiah b) pray 5 times a day, facing Mecca c) fast during Ramadan d) holy journey (hajj) to Mecca
Ethnic groups might share ___________.
a) same god, holy book, prophets b) holy days, holy cities, same god c) language, food, music, religion d) sacred places, holy book, many gods
Which ethnic group wants their own ethnic independence and land?
a) Jews b) Arabs c) Persians d) Kurds
Most ethnic Persians live in _______
a) Iran b) Iraq c) Israel d) Syria
90% of Muslims are which type?
a) Kurd b) Shia c) Druze d) Sunni
Which group wanted a family member of Mohammads to lead after he died?
a) Sunni b) Shia c) Jews d) Kurds
Which ethnic group dominates areas of Northern Africa?
a) Christian b) Arab c) Persians d) Kurds
Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are all __________.
a) ultratheistic b) megatheistc c) monotheistic d) polytheistic
The Middle Eastern ETHNIC group with the most people is ______.
a) Kurds b) Persioans c) Taliban d) Arabs
Which religion did NOT originate in SW Asia (Middle East)?
a) Buddhism/Buddhists b) Judaism/Jews c) Christianity/Christians d) Islam/Muslims
A religious group has common ________
a) food and beliefs b) language and beliefs c) common religious beliefs and practices d) race
This country has been in political turmoil due to ethnic and religious differences.
a) Syria b) Israel c) Iraq d) All of the above
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