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Which of the following elements is multivalent?
a) Fluorine b) Barium c) Iron d) Xenon
Positive ions are formed when an atom
a) loses electrons b) gains electrons c) loses protons d) gains protons
Which of the following is true?
a) Metals form cations. b) Metals form anions. c) Metals can form either cations or anions. d) Anions are positive ions.
Which is a binary compound?
a) Sodium chlorite b) potassium sulfide c) silver nitrate d) ammonium sulfate
The compound SiO2
a) Is ionic b) is a polyatomic ion c) is binary d) is an acid
Sodium nitrite is
a) Na3N b) NaNO3 c) NaNO2 d) NaNO
HClO3 is
a) Hydrogen chlorite b) Hydrochloric acid c) Chlorous acid d) Chloric acid
The element Gallium
a) is multivalent b) forms +2 ions c) forms +3 ions d) forms anions
Which of the following is a binary non-ionic compound
a) KOH b) Al2S3 c) SF6 d) MgO
Copper (II) sulfide is
a) Cu2S b) CuS c) CuS2 d) Cu2S2
Which of the foollowing is not a polyatomic ion?
a) Arsenate b) Arsenite c) Arsenide d) Arsenous
What is the correct name of CrPO4
a) Chromium (II) phosphate b) Chromium (II) phosphide c) Chromium (III) phosphate d) Chromium (III) phosphite
The compound H3P is called
a) Hydrogen Phosphide b) Hydrogen (II) Phosphide c) Phosphidic acid d) Hydrophosphoric acid
The name of P2O5 is
a) Phosphorus Oxide b) Phosporus (II) Oxide c) Diphosphorus Pentaoxide d) Phosphorus Pentaoxide
The formula for calcium bromide is
a) CaBr b) CaBr2 c) Ca2Br d) Ca2Br2
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