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what is space junk?
a) man made objects sent into space that no longer work or serve a purpose b) trash that man sends out into space c) happens only when two working satellites crash into eachvother causing several broken pieces d) all the dust and dirt in the atmosphere
how does the sun rotate?
a) faster at the center and slower at the poles b) faster at the poles and slower at the center c) it rotates at the same rate, but much faster than the earth d) it rotates at the same rate, but much slower than the earth because of its mass
This mathematician proposed a sun centered model of the universe, but his view was not widely accepted in his time.
a) Aristarchus b) Newton c) Aristotle d) Copernicus
The earliest models of the solar system was
a) Geocentric models b) heliocentric models c) a collection of various models d) only our planet, Earth, rotating around the sun
Geocentric means this
a) Earth Centered b) Sun Centered c) space centered d) ground centered
These two scientists are credited to our sun centered or Heliocentric model of our solar system that we still use today
a) Nicholas Copernicus and Johanaus Kepler b) Aristotle, and Galeleo c) Isaac Newton, and Benjamin Franklin d) Leonardo Divincci, and Nicholas Copernicus
This scientist believed the Earth was the center of the solar system, and did not move but all planets and sun moved around Earth
a) Aristotle b) Copernicus c) Newton d) Divincci
The apparent shift in the position of an object when viewed from different view points
a) parrallax b) paradigm c) vantage point d) view point
This scientist developed a complex model of planets traveling in small circles and then large circles around the sun. This view was largely used for the next 14 centuries.
a) Ptolemy b) Aristotle c) Copernicus d) Newton
what is centripetal force?
a) the force we feel when an object wants to continue to move in a straight line, but is being pulled at by another force b) the force that we feel in space only c) the force of centrical objects d) basically the same as the force of gravity
Heliocentric means this
a) that the sun is the center of the solar system b) that the earth is the center of the solar system c) there is no clear center and planets go around which ever body is closest to them d) that each planet is the center
The Sun and all bodies that orbit the sun
a) solar system b) galaxy c) universe d) planets
Our current model of the solar system
a) heliocentric model b) geocentric model c) Earth centered model d) space centered model
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