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To make worse by the addition of something of lesser value
a) deploy b) adulterate c) gape d) gibe
To be deprived, or made unhappy because of loss
a) bereft b) pliable c) opulent d) dour
Courage in facing difficulty
a) guise b) intimation c) fortitude d) ambidextrous
disguise; external appearance or mark
a) insidious b) tentative c) bereft d) guise
Wealthy; luxurious
a) opulent b) stolid c) pliable d) warily
Not easily moved, mentally or emotionally
a) adulterate b) dour c) stolid d) reiterate
In exactly the same words
a) warily b) verbatim c) augment d) guise
Able to use both hands equally well
a) ambidextrous b) bereft c) stolid d) opulent
To position or arrange in, mostly used concerning the miitary
a) deploy b) guise c) adulterate d) gape
To stare with an open mouth; To open wide
a) verbatim b) pliable c) gape d) warily
Intending to deceive or trap
a) ambidextrous b) unkempt c) augment d) insidious
Easily bent or influenced
a) dour b) reiterate c) adulterate d) pliable
Uncertain; hesitant
a) bereft b) tentative c) deploy d) unkempt
Cautiously; with great care
a) guise b) warily c) insidious d) gibe
To make larger; Increase
a) augment b) reiterate c) adulterate d) deploy
Stern; unyielding
a) unkempt b) stolid c) dour d) insidious
To say taunting words
a) gibe b) deploy c) gape d) adulterate
A hint; an indirect suggestion
a) fortitude b) guise c) tentative d) intimation
To say again; to repeat
a) reiterate b) gibe c) augment d) deploy
Untidy; not properly maintained
a) opulent b) unkempt c) bereft d) warily
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