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Any object that travels around another object in space
a) Bird b) Satellite c) Comet d) Star
The measurement of the amount of matter an object has
a) Weight b) Inches c) Mass d) Pounds
The pull of one object on another
a) Rope b) Gravity c) Yanking d) Strain
Of, or related to, the moon
a) Lunar b) Moony c) Moonish d) Looney
Deep valleys
a) Ditches b) Holes c) Craters d) Rills
Large, flat land areas, or plains
a) Maria b) Wilderness c) Grassland d) Space
Hollowed-out places
a) Holes b) Empty c) Craters d) Valleys
The moon's path around the earth
a) Circle b) Oval c) Orbit d) Around
When the moon travels one time completely around the earth
a) A lap b) A mile c) A revolution d) A race
When a planet spins on its axis
a) Rotate b) Twirl c) Spin d) Get dizzy
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