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What means (land between the rivers)?
a) Fertile Crescent b) Mesopotamia c) Mediterranean d) Gift of the Nile
Early Mesopotamia economy was based on...
a) coin money b) paper money c) trade d) banks
Cuneiform led the way to....
a) paintings and sculptures b) social classes c) written records d) farming
How did Mesopotamians improve farming?
a) waited for rainy seasons to farm b) set up irrigation systems c) migrated to different crop areas d) they only grew one crop at a time
Why did people begin to settle in Mesopotamia?
a) Land was good for tractors b) Great learning centers c) Good architects d) Soil was great for farming and rivers
Which of the following was the most important Phoenician contributions?
a) iron and steel b) use of an alphabet c) use of irrigation d) use of domesticated animals
Which king developed the 1st law codes for his people?
a) Ashurbanipal b) Nebuchadnezzar II c) Hammurabi d) Sargon
A ______ is a professional writer.
a) Moses b) covenant c) Artisan d) Scribe
____ has its own government, customs and technology
a) dynasty b) civilization c) scribe d) Torah
A Jewish house of worship is called a ______.
a) Torah b) Church c) Synagogue d) Ziggurat
How did Judaism compare to early Mesopotamian religions?
a) 1st religion to set rules b) Had NO written text c) Promoted a belief in MANY gods d) Promoted a belief in ONE god
Judaism is a form of....
a) Monotheism b) Polytheism c) Cuneiform d) Phoenician
Why did early civilizations trade?
a) Too lazy b) Enjoyed traveling c) Excited to get goods at cheaper prices d) Wanted different goods they couldn't produce at home
Which BEST describes early Mesopotamia?
a) Hunters b) Gatherers c) Nomads d) Farmers
Founder of Akkadian Dynasty
a) Abraham b) Moses c) Sargon d) Hammurabi
What is an artisan?
a) a skilled craftsperson b) a ruling family of an empire c) a Jewish house of worship d) an agreement / promise
1st 5 books of the the Hebrew Bible
a) Torah b) Synagogue c) covenant d) 10 Commandments
Who received God's laws (10 Commandments)?
a) Moses b) Abraham c) d)
a ruling family of an empire
a) dynasty b) covenant c) scribe d) city-state
Who discovered the following contributions: Purple dye, 1st trading empire and an alphabet?
a) Sumer b) Akkad c) Babylon d) Phoenicians
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