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the imaginary line running from north to south through the earth.
a) axis b) rotation c) revolution d) crater
spoinning on it's axis.
a) crater b) rill c) rotation d) revolution
one complete circle around an object.
a) maria b) revolution c) crater d) rill
a depression formed by an impact (meteorite).
a) rill b) maria c) satellite d) crater
crack on the moon's surface.
a) rill b) maria c) satellite d) gravity
means sea, but these are plains on the moon.
a) gravity b) weight c) maria d) satellite
man-made equipment that orbits around the Earth or the moon.
a) axis b) satellite c) gravity d) weight
the force of attraction, or pull, between all masses in the universe.
a) weight b) axis c) rotation d) gravity
the heaviness of an object.
a) weight b) axis c) rotation d) revolution
the moon is in the ______________.
a) sky b) closet c) dishwasher d) car
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