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Since learning to farm, people had more time to develop other skills. Therefore, different people could have different jobs is called what?
a) Domestication b) Specialization c) d)
At the end of the Neolithic era, what metal was discovered that made tools better?
a) Bronze b) Gold c) d)
Due to the rise of Agriculture, the population began to grow due to
a) food surplus b) very clean villages c) none of the above d)
The Neolithic Revolution occurred when people figured out how to
a) use weapons for war b) farm and domesticate animals c) fish d)
The process of using plants and animals to make them more useful to humans.
a) Metallurgy b) Domestication c) Migration d)
Agriculture was important because it allowed people to do what?
a) stay in one place b) people had a steady source of food c) both A and B d)
Another word for farming is
a) migration b) agriculture c) nomads d)
Spears, traps, bows, and arrows were tools created during the Paleolithic era to help humans
a) Hunt b) farm c) d)
The Neolithic Era is also known as the
a) Old Stone Age b) New Stone Age c) d)
Early people stopped moving from place to place when they discovered
a) the wheel b) bows and arrows c) agriculture d) Iron
How did early humans during the Paleolithic Era, survive the Ice Age?
a) Discovered Fire b) Lived in caves and clans c) made clothing using animals skins and a bone needle d) all of the above
People who lived during the Paleolithic were nomads, this means
a) they moved from place to place b) they lived in permenant villages c) they farmed d)
People who lived during the Paleolithic era got food by
a) Agriculture b) Hunting and Gathering c) Domestication of Animals d)
The Paleolithic Era is also known as the
a) The New Stone Age b) The Old Stone Age c) d)
Which of the following describes a hominid?
a) An early ancestor of humans b) A fishhook c) A tool d) A collection of ancient artifacts
What is the scientific name for modern humans?
a) Australopithecus b) Homo Erectus c) Homo habilis d) Homo Sapiens
The time period before writing is called
a) pre-history b) history c) d)
The earliest human- like remains of Lucy, the Australopithecus, have been found on the continent of
a) Europe b) Asia c) Africa d) South America
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