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What is the name of the body of water that separates the United Kingdom from France?
a) Rhine Rive b) Danube River c) Mediterranean Sea d) English Channel
What mountains divide Europe from Asia?
a) Ural b) Alps c) Andes d) Wester Mountains
More than half of Europe is covered by a landform called the
a) Wester Plain b) France Plain c) European Plain d) German Plain
Which situation is an effect of acid rain?
a) cleaner rivers b) destroyed forests c) new looking buildings d) new looking cars
What is the main cause of air pollution in the United Kingdom?
a) nuclear reactor explosion b) London smog c) use of bicycles d) cars and factories
What was an effect of the nuclear disaster at Chernobyl, Ukraine?
a) People did not get sick b) Drinking water was unsafe c) Forests got healthier d) All nuclear power plants in the world closed
Germany is located in the ____________________, therefore they have a lot of land suitable for farming.
a) European Plain b) Alps c) Ural Mountains d) English Channel
What keeps Russia's natural resources from being used?
a) harsh climate and tough terrain b) lack of workers c) no government funding d) no market for coal, oil and natural gas
What area of Russia has the greatest population?
a) The Asian side b) Siberia c) The European side d) Russia's population is spread out evenly
What physical feature makes it difficult for Italy to trade with the rest of Europe?
a) Mediterranean Sea b) Alps c) Ural Mountains d) Pyrenees Mountains
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