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What is the last step in the dishwashing process?
a) dry out the sink b) put away dishes c) dry dishes d) drain sink
You must do all of these before labs EXCEPT:
a) wash your hands b) tie back long hair c) put on an apron d) wipe off the counters
Always cut on a
a) countertop b) cutting board c) stove top d) frying pan
Before you put food in the oven, you must
a) line the racks with parchment paper b) pre heat to the proper temperature c) heat up the frying pan d) turn on the burner
Cooking food in a small amount of hot fat is called
a) mincing b) boiling c) deep frying d) sauteing
To cut or chop food into EXTREMELY small pieces is called
a) mince b) chop c) dice d) cube
To cut something into 1/2 to 1 in cubes is called
a) mincing b) cubing c) chopping d) dicing
A cutting technique that creates long, thin, match-like pieces is called:
a) mince b) dice c) julienne d) stir frying
You should use this when browning meat
a) frying pan b) stock pot c) sauce pan d) baking sheet
If your family does not have enough money to buy luxury items at the grocery store your food choices are influenced by which factor?
a) economic b) physical c) geographical d) biological
The first step in the dishwashing process is:
a) put the dishes in the sink b) run the water until it is hot c) add soap to the sink d) plug the drain
All of these are ways to prevent cross contamination EXCEPT:
a) washing hands b) not using the same cutting board for raw foods c) always washing utensils after touching raw foods d) rinsing off your meat to clean off the bacteria
Getting sick from contaminated food is called:
a) food borne illness b) cross contamination c) salmonella d) poison
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