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Record data in a table or chart.
a) Analyze b) Purpose c) Experiment d) Conclusion
Ask a question or state the problem.
a) Analyze b) Experiment c) Purpose d) Conclusion
Find background information.
a) Analyze b) Experiment c) Research d) Conclusion
Predict the outcome using an If...Then statement
a) Experiment b) Analyze c) Hyothesis d) Research
Compare the hypothesis to the experiment. What did you learn?
a) Conclusion b) Variable c) Experiment d) Research
Develop a procedure to test the hypothesis.
a) Analyze b) Experiment c) Variable d) Hypothesis
Causes a change in the experiment.
a) Hypothesis b) Constant c) Purpose d) Variable
The #1 rule.
a) Cleanliness b) Happiness c) Safety d) Materials
When you analyze your data, be sure to include it in a ...
a) chart or table b) complete sentence c) illustration d) fancy design
A person who observes, conducts, predicts, and records is called a...
a) teacher b) student c) scientist d) guru
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