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Continuous means to be
a) broken b) nonstop c) ending d) not constant
Extreme suffering or pain
a) maximum b) continuous c) anguish d) restrain
Everyone agrees
a) overtook b) unanimous c) disagreement d) argument
The meaning of painstaking
a) Being sloppy, not neat b) A painful situation c) making a rushed decision d) taking a lot of care or trouble, careful
Increasing by adding one thing after another
a) marvel b) factor c) cumulative d) unanimous
Synonym for intimidate
a) calming b) soothing c) peaceful d) threaten
A reason or circumstance
a) factor b) commentary c) erupt d) anguish
A wonderful and awesome sight
a) picture b) marvel c) inept d) factor
An explanation, to give information
a) essay b) words c) discussion d) commentary
Antonyms of inept
a) skillful b) clumsy c) without skill d) successful
Held back or restricted
a) free b) restrained c) loose d) running
Capacity means
a) The smallest amount possible. b) The only amount possible. c) The lesser of two amounts. d) The largest amount possible
Antonym for boisterous
a) quiet b) happy c) noisy d) modern
Synonym for boisterous
a) quiet b) calm c) loud d) peaceful
To burst, explode or release suddenly
a) erupt b) continuous c) inept d) boisterous
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