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I conquered the Aztec capital and re named it New Spain
a) Cortez b) Pineda c) narvaez d) cabeza de vaca
I was the first European to reach the Mississippi river and explore south Eastern TX
a) Cabeza de Vaca b) Cortez c) De Soto and Moscoso d) Pineda
I was the first European explorer to map the coast of Texas
a) pineda b) Cortez c) Cabeza de Vaca d) de soto
I claimed the Rio Grande Valley and founded Santa Fe
a) Cabeza de Vaca b) pineda c) Cortez d) Onate
I fought with Zuni tribes and had the Turk put to death for misleading us about Quivira
a) Coronado b) Pineda c) Cortez d) Cabeza de Vaca
I was the golden cities that the explorers were looking for
a) Cibola b) Quivira c) Tenochitilan d) New Spain
I Karankawas taught me to perform the first surgery in Texas
a) Cortez b) Pineda c) Cabeza de Vaca d) Onate
I drowned when my expedition encountered a hurricane and my ship wrecked
a) Narvaez b) Cabeza de Vaca c) Cortez d) Onate
I was put to death because I lied to the Spanish explorers about where Quivira was located.
a) Turk b) Cortez c) Aztec leader d) Narvaez
I was a peaceful native group who taught Cabeza de Vaca about healing
a) Karankawas b) Turks c) Caddoes d) Comanches
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