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Constantinople was successful as a capitol largely because of its
a) location on the water b) location in the desert c) location in the arctic d) Constantinople was not successful as a capital
As time passed, the Byzantine Empire became
a) a Jewish state b) less wealthy and prosperous c) less Greek and more Roman d) less Roman and more Greek
While part of Rome fell, ____________ Rome thrived and became the Byzantine Empire.
a) Northern b) Southern c) Eastern d) Western
Rome finally fell when ___________ groups of people invaded from northern Europe.
a) Slavic b) Egyptian c) Celtic d) Germanic
What happened when Roman coins lost value in the A.D. 200s?
a) People began to barter b) The price of goods decreased c) People collected coins d) workers quit their jobs
How did Roman statues differ from Greek statues
a) Roman statues looked perfect b) Roman statues were on animals c) Roman statues were made of concrete d) Roman statues were more realistic
This gladiator led a rebellion in 73 BC
a) Odoacer b) Alaric c) Spartacus d) Diocletian
_______ is when prices rapidly increase due to money losing its value.
a) Inflation b) Reform c) Seized d) Severans
This Visigoth leader captured Rome.
a) Odoacer b) Alaric c) Spartacus d) Constantinople
Who moved the Roman capital to Constantinople?
a) Diocletian b) Constantine c) Alaric d) Odoacer
Which of the following is NOT a reason Rome fell?
a) Poor leadership b) Declining economy c) Germanic invasions d) Influence of Greek ideas
Who tried many reforms to save Rome, but ultimately failed?
a) Diocletian b) Constantine c) Alaric d) Odoacer
True or False? Romans used arches, domes, and columns as features on their buildings.
a) True b) False c) d)
Every home had an ____________ where families carried out rituals.
a) altar b) inflation c) aqueduct d) reform
When __________ overthew the emperor it marked the end of the Western Roman Empire.
a) Constantine b) Spartacus c) Odoacer d) Justinian
____________ carried water from the hills into the cities.
a) Altars b) Inflation c) Aqueducts d) Reforms
The ________________ was the father of the family and had complete control over family members.
a) paterfamilias b) materfamilias c) paterials d) materials
The Romans admired and studied ______________ ideas.
a) American b) Greek c) Russian d) Persian
The language of the Romans was _____________.
a) Latin b) French c) Romanian d) English
Why did Emperor Justinian reform the legal codes?
a) to add more laws b) so that they were easier to understand c) so the rich could better enforce the laws d) to make them more complex
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