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Chronic or acute inflammatory skin disease with erythematous pustular, or papular lesions.
a) impetigo b) psoriasis c) eczema d) scleroderma
Chronic, recurrent dermatosis marked by silvery gray scales covering red patches on the skin
a) eczema b) psoriasis c) basal cell carcinoma d) tinea
Malignant neoplasm originating in scale like cells of the epidermis
a) malignant melanoma b) basal cell carcinoma c) squamous cell carcinoma d) systemic lupus
Buildup of sebum and keratin in pores of the skin leading to papular and pustular eruption
a) impetigo b) decubitus ulcer c) acne vulgaris d) scleroderma
Chronic disease marked by hardening and shrinking of connective tissues in the skin
a) eczema b) impetigo c) tinea d) scleroderma
A fungal skin infection
a) tinea b) eczema c) impetigo d) gangrene
Cancerous tumor composed of melanocytes
a) squamous cell carcinoma b) malignant melanoma c) benign melanoma d) basal cell carcinoma
Contagious, infectious pyoderma
a) tinea b) scleroderma c) impetigo d) gangrene
Necrosis of skin tissue resulting from ischemia
a) psoriasis b) impetigo c) scleroderma d) gangrene
Malignant neoplasm originating in the basal layer of the epidermis
a) malignant melanoma b) squamous cell carcinoma c) decubitus ulcer d) basal cell carcinoma
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