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The stand sagged under the man's weight.
a) stand b) sagged c) man's d) weight
The girl spoke in another language.
a) spoke b) girl c) another d) language
The wrestlers fell off the mat earlier today.
a) mat b) wrestlers c) fell d) earlier
The wind blew with a great and mighty force.
a) wind b) great c) force d) blew
After the defeat the team traveled back to their school.
a) defeat b) team c) traveled d) school
Adam and Susan were married under the tree
a) Adam b) Susan c) tree d) were married
The students went everywhere in the golf cart.
a) students b) went c) everywhere d) golf cart
An alligator moves with surprising speed.
a) speed b) alligator c) moves d) surprising
You will find the teacher sitting in the teacher's lounge.
a) will find b) teacher c) sitting d) teacher's lounge
We took the lead during the fifth inning.
a) We b) took c) lead d) inning
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