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Tending to grow towards light
a) phototropic b) photogenic c) translucent d) invidious
giving off light without heat
a) elucidate b) circumspect c) improvise d) phosphorescent
attractive in pictures
a) translucent b) prospect c) photogenic d) improvise
easy to understand; clear
a) elucidate b) lucid c) providential d) specter
to make clear by explaining
a) lucid b) phototropic c) photogenic d) elucidate
allowing light to pass through
a) photogenic b) translucent c) phototropic d) prospect
careful; mindful of rules and consequences
a) improvise b) invidious c) elucidate d) circumspect
that which is looked forward to; an expectation
a) circumspect b) prospect c) providential d) lucid
a ghost or phantom
a) specter b) invidious c) phototropic d) elucidate
hateful or spiteful
a) providential b) circumspect c) invidious d) prospect
happening by good fortune; lucky
a) prospect b) phoshorescent c) elucidate d) providential
to create without any forethought or preparation
a) improvise b) providential c) lucid d) photogenic
a) light (latin) b) light (greek) c) to look at d) to see, to look
a) light (latin) b) light (greek) c) to look at d) to see, to look
a) light (latin) b) latin (greek) c) to see, to look d) to look at
a) light (latin) b) light (greek) c) to see, to look d) to look at
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