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a) English learned as a NNL overseas. b) English For Linguists c) NNS learning a new language. d) L1
a) S is learning this language. b) L1 c) Ss with limited knowledge of English. d) NL
a) NNS learning a new language. b) English learned as a NNL overseas. c) The language the S is learning. d) L1
a) L1 b) EFL c) TL d) L2
LEP is not used now because
a) it is not person-first language. b) ELL is easier to use. c) everyone is an LL. d) it is not an issue now.
a) native English speaker b) no English spoken c) non-English speaker d) native English student
a) teacher b) time c) target language d) testing
a) SL b) NES c) L1 d) NL
a) teacher of ESL and EFL b) LL c) test for ESL d) student of ESL
FL Consent Decree
a) META Agreement b) TESOL c) ESOL d) EFL
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