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Steat/o means
a) Black b) Fat c) Wrinkle d) Nail
Adip/o means
a) Black b) Nail c) White d) Fat
Melan/o means
a) white b) yellow c) black d) Red
Rhytid/o means
a) Nail b) Dry c) Wrinkle d) Hair
Xer/o means
a) wrinkle b) fat c) dry d) yellow
Albin/o means
a) black b) white c) yellow d) red
Hidr/o means
a) water b) cell c) sweat d) scale
Squam/o means
a) scale b) cell c) hair d) sweat
Trich/o means
a) scale b) nail c) hair d) sweat
Xanth/o means
a) black b) white c) yellow d) red
Cauter/o means
a) heat b) burn c) to cut d) both A and B
Myc/o means
a) nail b) hair c) fungus d) sweat
Pil/o means
a) nail b) hair c) sweat d) scale
Onych/o means
a) hair b) nail c) scale d) dry
Eryther/o means
a) black b) white c) red d) yellow
Ichthy/o means
a) scaley b) dry c) sick d) both A and B
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