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This skill involves listening and understanding
a) Communication b) Learning c) Technology d) Teamwork
This skills involves working together to meet a common goal
a) Initiative and Enterprise b) Teamwork c) Problem Solving d) Self manangement
This skill contributes to productive outcomes
a) Technology b) Teamwork c) Problem Solving d) Planning and Organizing
This skill gives you the ability to adapt to new situations, being creative
a) Teamwork b) Communication c) Learning d) Initiative and Enterprise
This skill allows a person to be resourceful by creating long and short term strategic planning
a) Planning and organizing b) Teamwork c) Self Management d) Learning
This skill involves a person setting a personal vision and goal
a) Self management b) Teamwork c) Learning d) Problem Solving
This skill is an example of a person managing their own learning
a) Learning b) Communication c) Problem Solving d) Planning and Organizing
This skill contributes to effective execution of task with IT skills
a) Teamwork b) Communication c) Technology d) Problem Solving
Which is not a skill that a person needs to be successful in the work place
a) funny b) reading c) math d) communication
What is Today?
a) Monday b) Tuesday c) Wednesday d) Thursday
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