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Mosquitos are examples of:
a) Parasites b) Hosts c) Predators d) Prey
Birds build their nests in trees. Birds and trees have a _____________ relationship.
a) Mutualistic b) Predatory c) Parasitic d) Commensalistic
Symbiotic relationships ______ at least one of the organisms involved.
a) benefit b) harm c) do not affect d)
A rabbit killed by a wolf is an example of:
a) a parasite b) a host c) a predator d) prey
Relationships that benefit both organisms involved are:
a) predatory b) parasitic c) competitive d) mutualistic
An organism that is harmed, but not killed, by a parasite is its:
a) victim b) host c) predator d) prey
A relationship that occurs between two organisms who need the same resources to survive is:
a) Competition b) Predation c) Parasitism d) Mutualism
A flea and a cat have a ______________ relationship with one another.
a) Predatory b) Parasitic c) Commensalistic d) Mutualistic
Sharks hunt and kill sea turtles. The sea turtles are the sharks' ____________.
a) Host b) Prey c) Parasite d) Predator
A relationship in which an organism is hunted and killed by another is:
a) Commensalistic b) Mutualistic c) Cooperative d) Predatory
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