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This genre seems like the story could really happen
a) Realistic Fiction b) Fiction c) Non-Fiction d) Fantasy
a) May rhyme of use repitition, stanzas, figurative language b) Humor c) Real d) Fantasy
This story is not true but the facts are
a) Science Ficiton b) Fantasy c) Historical Fiction d) Realistic Fiction
Uses magic, events do not exist in real life, imaginative, animals may act like humans
a) Folk Tale b) Fantasy c) Fiction d) Non-Fiction
Creates fear in the reader, a murder may take place, spooky location
a) History b) Math c) Horror d) Realistic Fiction
Suspense, Crimes, a puzzle needs to be solved- clues will solve the mystery
a) Mystery b) Social Studies c) Realistic Fiction d) Historical Fiction
Aliens, Advanced technology, outer space
a) Science b) Realistic Fiction c) Adventure d) Science Fiction
Funny, makes the reader laugh
a) Science Fiction b) Adventure c) Humor d) Realistic Fiction
The writer writes about his or her OWN life
a) Biography b) Autobiography c) Memory d) Realistic Fiction
The author writes a book about someone elses lige
a) Realistic b) Non-Fiction c) History d) Biography
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