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How do you get my attention in class if it is NOT an emergency
a) Raise my hand and shout out your name b) Jump up and down until I notice you c) Raise my hand and patiently wait for you to call on me d) Shout my name across the room
What is the first thing you should put on everyone of your papers
a) My name b) My birthday c) Your name d) My math teachers name
What is the name of the book we use for Guided Reading
a) ecommerce b) R-Book c) G-Book d) The Good Book
How should you change rotations
a) push and shove to get there as quickly as possible b) run c) kicking and screaming d) Quickly and quietly
How long should your daily summary be?
a) At least two complete sentences b) an entire paragraph c) i don't have to do one d) 7-19 works
How many minutest are each station?
a) 17 b) 35 c) 20 d) 30
What station is the most important to you to PASS this class
a) Independent Reading b) Library c) lunch d) Guided Reading
Should you do ALL quick writes AFTER you complete the book?
a) yes- wait until you are done b) No, you should STOP and do them as you read c) Quick writes- what is that? d) I'm ready for lunch
How many independen reading stations will you go to in a class period?
a) three b) one c) two d) four
What are the independent reading stations you will go to?
a) Guided reading, library and desks b) Independent reading, Computers and library c) Independent reading, Computers, and Guided Reading d) Independent reading, Guided reading and lockers
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