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a story where animals talk
a) fiction b) nonfiction c) realistic fiction d) newspaper ad
a pulling action
a) tug b) plug c) push d) pet
to yell or talk loudly
a) holler b) whisper c) cry d) sigh
pull with fingers
a) pluck b) plack c) tug d) poke
look of displeasure
a) scowl b) howl c) smile d) wink
money made
a) profit b) debt c) savings d) spending
food grown for money
a) crops b) crepes c) chicken tenders d) pancakes
A deep short sound
a) grunt b) yell c) squeak d) sigh
A bit dangerous
a) risky b) safe c) tempting d) excited
the lesson learned
a) theme b) plot c) characters d) BME
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